Restaurant Spotlight sponsored by The Fat Bob Grill

By Steven Arnold
Advertising writer

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The Fat Bob Grill, hidden in the back of the American Legion building on the corner of W. Market St. and Casterton, in Highland Square is a new burger joint in town that is already drawing a big crowd and rave reviews! The Fat Bob Grill is best known for it’s delectable “Diabolical burger” topped with bacon wrapped tater tots, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and sweet chili sauce. That’s just the beginning of what this Pick-up and Delivery kitchen offers—try a menu with over 120 unique dishes! There is no limit to what you can call and ask for, and have delivered fresh to your door or your office. In fact, The Fat Bob Grill gets regular orders from employees of local corporations such as First Energy, Gojo, USPS, and even Dominos Pizza! Owner, Dave Tate says “ I can get as cafeteria, gourmet, institutional, or Presidential as you’d like in terms of what I can create.” And he’s right—the menu is as diverse as the City of Akron, itself!

At The Fat Bob Grill everything is homemade from unprocessed meat, allowing Dave to curate any specific item one’s pallet desires. It may have something to do with each burger being hand-pressed and seasoned by Dave. Or, the fact that you can have choice of catfish, tilapia, or cod made any way you would like! This chef brings 30 years of experience, knowledge, and consistent efficiency right to Highland Square. There is no where else in town you can get this kind of diverse dining all in one phone call! They even offer 4 home-cooked hot chef prepared meals for only $25.00 from 23 unique pairings on their menu. Shock and awe are the two words that come to mind when describing this place—its “build your own” everything!

The name “Fat Bob” is homage paid to a model within the Harley-Davidson family of motorcycles, although Dave and his wife Melani both admit they have little time to ride anymore given their busy work schedules. It could be said the name is a reference to the “out of control” portion sizes. No matter what, this Pick-up and Delivery kitchen is certainly every bit as good as any restaurant in town that will sit you down to service you.

Dave has a secret weapon in his wife Melani, whom manages both call-ins and deliveries while wearing two blue-tooth devices and two cell phones so she can handle up to four calls at once—now that’s efficiency! Dave affectionately refers to her as being the most hard-working and loyal woman in the world. Together, they have built a successful brand that is already exceeding expectations since moving into Highland Square last summer while respectively working a staggering 101 hours each week.

Humbly, Dave and Melani refer to their business endeavor as being blessed—from the initial help they received from their family and the American Legion in getting started to the immense support and patronage they have received from our community. Their next immediate goal is to hire a qualified Sous Chef who can make things happen, being able to make something out of nothing, who can keep the same loyalty and dependability the Pick-up and Delivery eatery has already established. Long-term, Dave hopes to establish a sit-down eatery with expanded menu options to include gator bites and crawfish, while keeping the Highland Square location. Loyalty is just a part of who Dave is, there is an obvious affinity for the Highland Square neighborhood he serves and that affinity has been reciprocated by the neighborhood that helped make The Fat Bob Grill Akron’s newest nostalgic eatery.

The Fat Bob Grill

783 W. Market St.

Akron, OH 44303


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