Restaurant spotlight sponsored by Steak On a Stone

By Steven Arnold
Beacon Journal advertising writer

There is only one place on the hill in Montrose you should be during Happy Hour, and that is Steak On A Stone. Not just for the picturesque view that stretches as far as the eye can see, the splendid detail paid to pairings of each item on the menu, or even the relaxing quaint social atmosphere. Steak On A Stone has great drinks! Not to slight anyone else on the hill, but Steak On A Stone’s beer selection offers thirteen unique IPA’s as well as a great selection of draft and bottled beers all $1.00 Off Monday through Friday during Happy Hour in the bar. Additionally, any well version of their single flavor selection frozen Margarita’s, Daquiri’s, and Pina Colada’s are only $3.00 during Happy Hour. This kind of price point and the recent influx of patrons to Steak On a Stone is evidence that its owner Rodger Nicholson is a fierce competitor, as well as a very creative restaurateur!

Whether you are looking for a very “hoppy” IPA such as their Victory Hop Devil IPA that could potentially peel the paint off of your car, or some unique light summer blends such as the clean, delicious, sweet-tart apple taste of an Angry Orchard Crisp Cider—Steak On A Stone has the perfect pairing for any personal taste. Ask for either of the managers, Bob or Rob, and they will personally assist you and your guests in ensuring you are educated in perfect pairings of the beverage of your choice with the delectable dishes offered on both their appetizer and dinner menus. Your Happy Hour experience at Steak On A Stone is sure to bring you back and have you offering rave reviews to anyone you can think of!

You won’t be able to just have a beverage without trying an exclusive Steak On A Stone appetizer. The Saganaki, Sausage Romano, and Stuffed Peppers are all delicious and very flavorful if you are one that enjoys a consistent rise in flavor. The Saganaki consists of Kasseri cheese seasoned with a lemon wedge, it is sautéed and then flambéed directly at your table. While the Sausage Romano is a robust combination of sausage, peppers, onions, and tomatoes served over tasty toasted garlic bread. However, in my personal opinion nothing matches the Stuffed Peppers! It is a bold fusion of hot peppers stuffed with goat cheese, spinach, sausage, bacon, herbs and spices served over a tomato basil puree.

If you really would like to have control of your complete “meal experience” right to the last bite at Steak On A Stone the signature black angus steak is a must. It is an unseasoned specialty cut, bearing no fat cooked right at your table on a 750 degree volcanic rock by you! No fat or oil is used; however, sea salt is sprinkled lightly on the stone creating a barrier so that your steak doesn’t stick as well as enhancing the flavor. The searing process traps in natural flavors and juices keeping the steak juicy and moist and allows your meal to stay hot throughout dinner as you cut each bite. This is a concept Rodger brought straight from Europe to Northeast Ohio and directly to our community—so get off your hind parts and head up to the hill for the best Happy Hour in town at Steak On A Stone.

Steak On A Stone

145 Montrose West Avenue

Copley, OH 44321




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