Restaurant Spotlight sponsored by Fireside Restaurant & Lounge

By Steven Arnold
Advertising writer

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Although feeling immediately comfortable in a new establishment may seem highly unusual, there is a cozy and new “local hotspot” that is a must visit. The Fireside Restaurant and Lounge is ten minutes West of Montrose in Medina just off of Route 18. You are sure to enjoy a thoughtful dining experience while feeling at home in this comfortable environment with seating by the fire or within view of the pool. The Fireside Restaurant and Lounge offers top- notch food at a great value and unmatched loyalty to its patrons as its mission of service “all about the people” resonate throughout each unique dining experience in this quaint hideaway. It’s really the kind of place you will be delighted you took the opportunity to stop in!

One of the greatest traits the Greater Akron Area as a community embodies is there being so many good people doing great things while positively impacting the lives of others. As we passionately pursue good both for our families and community we want to engage and relate in a meaningful capacity with people like us. However, rarely is there a single place that has something for everyone. The Fireside Restaurant and Lounge is the exception, as it boasts the feel of a neighborhood bar offering a wide selection of very well prepared cuisines. This is an ideal place to share a meal and your thoughts, spend time with your children and those you love most, or simply to learn more about others.

The Fireside Restaurant and Lounge offers this unbelievable and humbling experience, all while proving a variety of traditional and classic dining selections for both lunch and dinner. At the Fireside you will find a unique blend of genuinely welcoming patrons and servers. It’s something that begins in the kitchen with Chef Marc Slimak and his attentiveness to detail in preparation of each dish. He frequently can be seen making rounds to each table ensuring your meal was prepared to your exact specification.

The service and compassion towards each individual patron extends beyond the meal as Rose, one of the hostesses can be seen beaming with laughter as she makes her rounds to each table as Karen affectionately tends to customers seated at the bar. A couple of common themes emerge as to the reason many of the patrons that dine regularly at the Fireside—it’s the people, and it’s very unpretentious. Everyone just comes as they are, which says a lot since the Fireside Restaurant and Lounge is located on the beautiful grounds of the, recently semi-public Rustic Hills Golf Course where the membership is so affordable that it is very comparable to the monthly fee for a membership to the local YMCA—literally.

One visit to the Fireside, and anyone would certainly begin to frequent this establishment. In fact, many attribute its success as well as Rustic Hills Country Club as a whole to being a social club that happens to have a golf course. The Fireside offers a very inviting atmosphere, the people, its spacious seating, and beautiful fireplace allows the feeling of warmth and cheer to overcome families with children and young singles alike. A gentleman named Bob gently attributed his frequent visits to the Fireside Restaurant and Lounge as to the people. “You really can’t find better people, there are construction workers and CEO’s alike, he says.”

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