Promoting energy freedom

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Portage County Tea Party Advocates for Gas and Oil Tarus "Terry" Latacki at the group's informational booth at the Hartville Flea Market. (Karen Schiely/Akron Beacon Journal)

Energy freedom promoted

Name: Tarus “Terry” Latacki.

Age: 69.

Hometown: Brimfield Township.

Role: Co-leader of the Brimfield branch of the Portage County Tea Party, educates the public about the Constitution at a tent display at the Hartville Flea Market, and advocates for natural gas development.

The tent display is important because, “It has to do with freedom and the Constitution’s origin and how it came about.”

He also advocates for development of Ohio’s natural gas reserves because, “It shows America one of the paths to energy independence. … It’s a way that we won’t be tied to the Middle East, perhaps.”

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