Letters to the editor - Jan. 26

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President Obama has been rambling on about the problem of rising inequality. It’s expected to be a major theme in his State of the Union speech this week. At the same time, he’s trying to complete a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade deal with 11 countries in Asia and Latin America that would only increase inequality.

And Obama wants Congress to grant him fast-track trade authority so he can sign the TPP before Congress even gets to vote, and then railroad the pact through the legislature with limited debate and no amendments.

Data from 20 years of NAFTA and subsequent trade deals show us that these pacts send good-paying jobs offshore and depress wages in the jobs that remain.

We can’t afford to let the American Dream slip through our grasp along with the jobs that would be lost through the TPP. Our representatives must vote “no” on fast-tracking the TPP.

Derek Blackston


How the 
victims suffered

This is in response to the outrage that Dennis McGuire’s attorney had for a 20-minute execution (“Execution of Ohioan takes state 20 minutes,” Jan. 17).

Wow, McGuire suffered 20 minutes. How long do you think his victim suffered? Twenty minutes is a small price for the fear and horror he put his victim through. I’m sure his eight-months-pregnant victim suffered far more.

These defense lawyers and any other bleeding hearts should care about the suffering that women and children face when they are brutally raped, tortured and killed.

So what if McGuire gasped for air? I’m sure his victim did far more than just gasp.

Murderers should be put to death well before 20 years, especially if the evidence is overwhelming. Feel sorry for the victims who suffered more than 20 minutes.

Pat Silkit


Natural Norton

I never realized how good we in Norton have it until I read the Jan. 22 letter “Overdeveloped in Green.” Norton, a city not far from Green, is nowhere near being overdeveloped or congested. We don’t want all that modernization or to become a big metropolis. I’ve seen very little change in the 45 years I’ve lived in Norton.

Norton residents were fighting sewer and water issues even back then. Sounds like going from one extreme to the other. Norton has never been subjected to any huge land development, which has its pros and cons. We definitely don’t want to wind up like Montrose and Green. As people used to say, move out to the suburbs and get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Fred C. Pall


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