Gun safety enables gun rights

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Mildred Spencer with her Glock 19 semi-automatic 9MM handgun at The Marksman shooting range in Norton. (Ed Suba Jr./Akron Beacon Journal)

Gun safety classes enable right to bear arms

Name: Mildred Spencer. Age: 78. Hometown: Coventry Township.

Role: Instructor, training classes for those wanting to carry concealed weapons, and 4-H Summit Shooting Sports Club classes for pre-teens and teens. Member National Rifle Association and Buckeye Firearms Association.

“I teach the CCW classes so that people can exercise their rights to carry. I also teach young people about gun safety. Firearms are out there. No matter what they [politicians] do, they’re still going to be there. Young people are likely to run across them and they need to know how to pick them up so they don’t harm themselves or someone else. ... Our goal with young people is to teach safety and youth development. We want them to develop into responsible young citizens.”

She’s a member of gun-rights lobbying groups, she said, because, “We have so many in the government that are totally against anybody even owning a gun, much less even carrying one. If they have their way, we would not be able to carry, which means we can’t protect ourselves. … I feel like the people who have been trained to use them safely will be more careful.”

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