Delivering information, stirring passion

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Akron Beacon Journal Executive News Editor Mark Turner at the Akron Beacon Journal. (Phil Masturzo/Akron Beacon Journal)

Delivering information

Name: Mark Turner. Age: 44.

Community: West Akron.

Role: Executive news editor responsible for the production and presentation of the news content in the Akron Beacon Journal; adjunct journalism instructor at Kent State University; chair of the John S. Knight Memorial Scholarship review committee for aspiring journalists.

“The Beacon Journal tells stories, and I help. They are the stories of America’s day-to-day existence, our growth and history, our failures and our aspirations. That is the context in which we give you information that can be a joy to read or be as bitter as medicine. In all these cases, we strive to show you all the things that make up America, all the things that make it great and the things that need to be fixed.

“Though maligned for some perceived bias or an intrusive nature, I hope it’s not forgotten that the Beacon Journal — and others like her — let you see and hear those things that stir your passions for life and move you to action, realizing that you might not have heard them if not for our stories, your stories.”

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