Council approves sale of former women’s jail facility

By Marilyn Miller
Beacon Journal staff writer

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Summit County Council has voted to sell the former women’s jail facility at 222 Power Street in Akron.

Council members voted Monday night to sell the property to the Development Finance Authority, the former Port Authority, for $1.

The authority will in turn sell the property to Oriana House for $1. The county cannot sell a building to a private company, so it turned to the Development Finance Authority, another public agency, to facilitate the deal.

The halfway house is a residential correctional center for women and offers drug and alcohol monitoring and a work-release program where clients are allowed to work or go to school and return at night.

It is being run by Oriana House Inc. which contracts with the county for many of its alternatives to jail programs. Summit County and Oriana House are under a contract agreement signed in 1991.

Jason Dodson, chief of staff for County Executive Russ Pry, said the agreement states that if the county no longer has a use for the building, and Oriana House is the high bidder, it will go to them. The purchase price for the property is $383,500.

Oriana House has already invested $1.4 million in improvements at the building. Any other bidders would have to pay back their loans, paying more than the appraised value.

County officials decided no bidders would pay a million dollars more than the building is worth so they sold the building to the Oriana House for a buck.

In other county action, council members approved the acceptance of two state grants for a countywide program for sobriety checks.

One grant was for $217,881 to set up a task force at checkpoints to make sure drivers are not operating motor vehicles while intoxicated. Another grant was for any potential overtime. The grant, called the high visibility enforcement overtime grant, was for $77,718. The grants are from theOhio Department of Public Safety.

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