A refugee helping others

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Amber Subba, case manager for refugees, at the International Institute of Akron. (Ed Suba Jr./Akron Beacon Journal)

A refugee helps others in region

Name: Amber Subba. Age: 34.

Hometown: Cuyahoga Falls, originally from Bhutan.

Role: Refugee case manager for the International Institute of Akron. He was among a minority group evicted from Bhutan by the government in 1992. After 17 years in a refugee camp in Nepal, he came to America in 2008. At the institute, he helps settle new refugees in the Akron area — from picking them up at the airport to helping them set up an apartment, learn English, find a job and apply for basic things like a bank account and Social Security number.

“I came from the same background and I know the people’s expectations and what is dear to them. I know the pain of becoming a refugee. I love to work with them and help these needy families. It satisfies me. ... There is a lot of freedom here, freedom of speech and freedom of religion and a lot of other freedoms. They didn’t have these freedoms before.”

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